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Zelaya found himself trapped between his desire to please both the U.S. and his ALBA friends at the OAS. The need to produce a successful assembly won out, however, and Zelaya successfully pressured ALBA to accept our text. The Secretary’s presence was important, as Zelaya wants good relations with the new administration and wanted her visit to be successful. Zelaya kept his word to us on not allowing any of the ALBA presidents to speak at the assembly, at some effort according to his version. We note, however, that had he not issued them invitations, he would not have had to fend of their speaking requests.

Ambassador Llorens in one of the latest WikiLeaks cables on Honduras.

Check out this commentary by Honduran blogger Aaron Ortiz on what the cables reveal about US-Honduran relations.

When did we decide that we trust the government more than its citizens? And that revealing the truth about the government is wrong? And why is the media complicit in this? Did we not learn anything from the run-up to the Iraq war when no one asked hard questions about the justifications for the war and when we accepted statements from government officials without proper pushback?
Matthew Dowd on Wikileaks, National Journal

TED Video: “Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks”

Another great video.

Espero que tengan la traducción en español pronto para que los hispanos que no hablan inglés puedan oir esto.