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The New American Reality by Univision (A Must Watch)

LOVED this! Thank you for posting informate :)

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Video of the Week: LATISM Blogueras- A look at Latina Bloggers

LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) released the first study on Latina bloggers. These are some key findings, as reported on their site (click here for full report):

  • Young: The largest group of respondents is between 30 and 39
  • Mothers: 83% has between 2 and 4 kids
  • Heads of household: 70% is either single, divorced or separated
  • Yearly Earnings: Of the respondents, 46.5% reports earnings of $80,000 – 89,000 a year, closely followed by 44% who earn $30,000 to $39,000 a year. Less than 3% reported earnings of $100,000 or more
  • Committed: 75% blog two or more times a week
  • 77% have invested in their own domain
  • 98% plus are active in social media
  • A surprising 72% blog primarily in English
  • 62.7% blog about Parenting, followed closely by Latino issues [54.4%]. Other popular topics included Heritage/Culture, Cooking/Recipes, Beauty/Fashion, Art, Technology and politics
  • While 37% of Latinas blog mostly about their ethnicity, most of them seldom or ever focus on this factor
  • Most feel being a Latina has helped them find sponsorships and readers and readers, but in general feel they get less opportunities compared to non-Latinas
  • Mobile Usage:
    • 81% use their cell phones to tweet
    • 90% use their cellphones for FaceBook
    • 93% use apps