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The Raramuri live in Mexico’s Sierra Tarahumara, near Chihuahua city. Hundreds are said to be facing starvation. (photo: flickr Lon&Queta)


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At least 50 indigenous people are said to have committed suicide in the north of Mexico, where freezing temperatures and a long drought have left hundreds of members of the Raramuri tribe at the brink of starvation.

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Syrian authorities have arrested blogger Razan Ghazzawi on the Syrian-Jordanian border today. Ghazzawi was on her way to Amman to attend a workshop on press freedom in the Arab world.

Her arrest has drawn criticism and anger from bloggers and activists around the world, who are calling for her immediate release.

- Free Razan Ghazzawi


Intenté en las primeras clases cumplir con lo que se me pedía, pero mis alumnos llegaban muy cansados de sus trabajos y creo que todos en la sala nos aburríamos mucho. Entonces preferí olvidarme del programa y dediqué las clases siguientes a enseñarles a escribir cartas. Parecían desconcertados pero empezamos a pasarlo bien. Escribían a sus padres, a amigos de la infancia, a sus primeros novios. Recuerdo que una alumna le escribió al Papa para comunicarle por qué ya no creía en Dios.

Por Alejandro Zambra | Revista Ñ | 2011


Julio Cortázar was born 97 years ago today.


The Movement Inspired by Javier Sicilia and Family Members of Drug War Victims Is Already Achieving Policy Changes

By Al Giordano
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

August 2, 2011

Reporters, perhaps more than others in society, view Mexico as the country of “no pasa nada,” a land where nothing changes, where injustice and misery are here to stay, and where nobody can do anything about it. The world’s most cynical profession has thus had a difficult time reporting on the nonviolent movement of drug war victims that appeared four months ago and in recent days already won concrete advances on the road to a yet greater victory: Stopping the war on Mexico and Mexicans that is misnamed as the “war on drugs.”

When, after the brutal murder of seven youths near Cuernavaca in late March, including Juan Francisco Sicilia, 24, son of poet and journalist Javier Sicilia, a movement began to stir, most international correspondents in Mexico simply ignored it. Others made it a one- or two-sentence afterthought in their breathless serial scare stories about bloodbaths, shootouts, and mass graves in Mexico’s narco wars: “Headless bodies found in topless bar: Oh, and by the way, there was a quaint protest march against it, and led by a poet.”


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¿20 mil personas?

Yesterday’s student protest in Santiago, Chile. Read more about it here.

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What do you think about the drug war violence in Juarez, Mexico?

Here’s the entire episode that aired tonight (and continues to air this week) on Al Jazeera English.

Welcome to Tumblr, Fault Lines. 

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The Federal District of Mexico City is the capital city of the United States of Mexico and has a population of 8,851,080 inhabitants (the Mexico City Metropolitan Area has 20,137,152 inhabitants), according to the latest official census. Most of them use the public transportation network daily to travel from their home to their place of work, education or entertainment.

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The New American Reality by Univision (A Must Watch)

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